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Stores That Accept Behalf Financing

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How Does Behalf Work?

The company offers customizable financing options for businesses to help them grow. This includes 30 day, 60-day and 90+ repayment terms as well as different net royalty amounts based on how long you need the funds available (up until 180 days). You can also apply at any time with no requirements that suit your individual needs — making it simple!

What Is a Behalf Account?

Behalf is an innovative business funder that offers financing to small- and medium sized businesses. Unlike other providers of purchase order (PO) finance, Behalf pays for your goods up front so you can repay them when funds become available – no more chasing payments from one invoice to another!
The new way forward in purchasing anything online just got easier with this hassle free payment system.

What Does It Mean to Offer Financing?

Financing is a win-win for both businesses and customers. For those who pride themselves on their service, it can be an excellent marketing tool to help them stand out from the crowd by offering financing options that allow regular payments without sacrificing quality or turnaround time; while at the same time giving clients easy access when they need large purchases made quickly so as not put pressure onto existing revenue streams which might lead some people down wrong paths (such as credit cards).