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At 1-800 Contacts, we believe in creating a better world where eye health, not kick-backs to eye doctors, determines a person’s options, and technology enables everyone to take control of their own vision care. We don’t just have one reason for being better. We have millions of them—each and every customer. It started in a dorm room in 1995. Ever since, we’ve been pushing, fighting, and generally annoying a stagnant industry in the name of customer choice. Here are some highlights:

  • Launching the industry’s first way to buy contacts online (back when you still had to enter “www” before our address)
  • Passing a federal law to give everyone the right to their own prescription
  • Launching the industry’s first mobile apps (rated 5-stars)
  • Fighting contact lens manufacturers over anti-consumer pricing models
  • Traveling from state to state advocating for telehealth laws so more people in more places can receive the health care they need

When you pay for your order, just use your FSA card as you would any other credit card. If you don’t have an FSA card, you can purchase products using a regular credit card and submit the invoice for reimbursement.

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