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Christy Dawn is committed to practices that honor Mother Earth and all her people. We are all related, each of us interconnected parts of a greater whole. We aim to live and work in harmony with nature, so that all may benefit. Our prayer is that our practices and products inspire others to remember and celebrate their innate connection with one another, and with the natural world.

Our Deadstock Collection represents our enduring roots within the world of sustainability. Every piece gathered here is made from the rescued and revitalized fabric that would otherwise be cast aside, finding its way eventually into a landfill. Each style within this collection is limited in nature, with pieces often being only one or two of a kind. In giving these unique fabrics another life cycle, we are able to honor Mother Earth and create beautiful dresses to last a lifetime.

Christy Dawn has partnered with ZIP, a payment option that allows you to pay over a 6 week period. You will only have to pay 25% of the order value when you check out the first time, and then every 2 weeks you will be charged for another 25% on your credit card.

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