The Outside is Calling

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Coleman is an authentic outdoor brand with over 120 years of history. We create gear for your outdoor adventures with friends and family – where memories are made.

Our outdoor adventures started with a lantern and an idea. Like all great stories, that was just the beginning… We created the first portable, gas-powered lantern that illuminated the first evening football game west of the Mississippi. In WWII, our camping stoves transformed the way soldiers ate in the field. We continued to revolutionize the outdoors with our cooler manufacturing in the 1950s, and in the decades that followed we added tents, sleeping bags, lighting, and more.

Today, after 120 years, Coleman gear can be found on the trail, by the lake, at a tailgate or in the middle of a music festival. It’s always around a place where there’s camaraderie, coolers and campfires. So grab a tent, grill, chair and whatever else you need and join us.

Coleman has partnered with Afterpay to offer their customers a quick and easy way to apply for buy now pay later plans. They also accept Apple Pay and Paypal.

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