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Designed and crafted to meet the sleep doctor’s four factors of great mattress design, every Luma Mattress and Slumber System have balanced pressure to support your back and relief for your shoulders; spinal support to keep your spine aligned; temperature neutrality that‘s naturally breathable with Talalay latex and tercel fabric; and limited motion transfer for reducing the bounce from a restless bed partner. Aside from mattresses, LUMA Sleep also offer beddings, pillows, toppers, and beds bases.

You can’t tell if a mattress is right for you by lying down in a store, and certainly not by pointing and clicking. When you buy a new mattress, you’re likely to live with it for about a decade, but how do you choose? What do you do if you get a new mattress and you discover months later, it’s not quite right? Our two-piece Slumber Systems are built to order so you never get stuck in the wrong bed.


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