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Mend Sleep used the most innovative materials out there to create the only mattress on the market that allows you to adjust its firmness even after you’ve slept on it, without needing to flip it, add bulky toppers, or inflate expensive air bladders.

Their Comfort Layer technology makes getting the perfect level of firmness a breeze. Just “zip, switch, zip” to adjust the feel of your mattress from medium-firm to medium-soft and the other way around! And there’s more…

Mend Sleep’s unique foam layer provides the perfect balance of comfort, support, durability, and breathability. Its superior elasticity allows it to adjust to your body’s shape and weight immediately, ensuring instant support and pressure relief. Add improved airflow for body temperature regulation and you have the ultimate solution for undisturbed sleep throughout the year.

Mend Sleep give it’s customers the simplest way to pay over time. Unlike other buy now pay later plans, Splitit lets shoppers use their existing credit card for the easiest most intuitive checkout.



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