Montgomery Ward

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Founded in 1872, Montgomery Ward is a distinct American retail enterprise and a well-known online catalog brand. It started as a mail-order and a department store retailer and later became a catalog business known as Montgomery Ward & Co. Catalog House. From clothing to footwear, bedding, furniture, jewelry, beauty products, appliances, housewares, tools, etc. this e-commerce company has a variety of products to offer.

Known for its top quality items, ordering is very easy online with the guaranteed hassle-free shopping experience. Simply make an account on the website, follow the instructions, and you may order at-par quality items in no time. They offer a Buy Now, Pay Later convenience promo that comes with a credit card payment scheme. People with poor to fair credit score can also apply to Montgomery Ward’s credit account. Initially, you’ll get a $100 credit line, and this limit increases if you pay on time. Payments are only $10 per month.

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