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Not all mattresses are created equal. However, Cocoon™ by Sealy assures that their products exceed the market standards and are built to last. Cocoon™ by Sealy has been in the mattress business since 1881 and has become one of the most reputable brands in the world. They perform proprietary and patented tests to ensure the durability, the comfort it provides, and fire safety. Furthermore, their products (both Chill and Classic types) always come with a standard 100-night free trial and allow their clients to exchange the mattress one time at any point during the 100-night free trial.

The company also offers financing options via Cocoon™ by Sealy credit card for people who currently don’t have enough funds to make a purchase. However, they require a minimum of $500 purchase to become eligible. The credit cards come with 0% APR for 12 Months with equal payments and apply penalty fees for late payments.

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