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Hallenstein Brothers is an NZ based men’s fashion retailer. We have always been leaders in men’s fashion and while we have history we’re always looking forward. We’ve stayed ahead of the curve through our energy, good vibes and always keeping an eye in the sky and an ear to the ground. We have a dedication to delivering quality and integrity as well as focusing on the cutting edge ­ and our amazing team is a huge part of that.

We’ve got 40+ stores across NZ, 3 stores in Australia and a web store that ships internationally. We’re iconic but we’re not happy to rest on that ­ we’re looking for people who want to challenge themselves and the industry; people who keep it fresh and exciting. We think there is always something to be said for the search.

Hallenstein Brothers has partnered with Afterpay to offer their customers a quick and easy way to apply for buy now pay later plans. They also accept LayBuy and Humm.

Where Is Hallenstein Brothers From?

Hallenstein Brothers hails from the beautiful land of New Zealand! Yep, they’re a homegrown fashion brand that has been making waves since way back in 1873. With their stylish men’s clothing and accessories, they’ve become a go-to for fashion-forward Kiwi gents. So, whether you’re exploring the stunning landscapes of New Zealand or anywhere else, you can rock that Hallenstein Brothers style with pride. Cheers to fashion that’s born and bred in the land of kiwis and adventure!

Who Owns Hallenstein Brothers?

Guess who’s the proud owner of Hallenstein Brothers? It’s none other than Hallenstein Glasson Holdings Limited! They’re a publicly listed company in New Zealand, and they’re the driving force behind the brand. With a passion for fashion and a knack for keeping us stylish, they’re the ones making sure Hallenstein Brothers brings us the trendiest clothing and accessories. So, next time you’re rocking that cool Hallenstein Brothers outfit, give a little nod to the awesome folks at Hallenstein Glasson Holdings. They’ve got your back in the fashion game!

What Company Owns Glassons?

Did you know that Glassons is part of the fabulous Hallenstein Glasson Holdings family? Yep, they’re owned by the same awesome company! Hallenstein Glasson Holdings is all about bringing us the latest fashion trends, and they’ve got their finger on the pulse when it comes to stylish clothing. So, when you step into a Glassons store or browse their online collection, you’re experiencing the fashion expertise of a company that knows how to keep us looking fabulous. Cheers to Hallenstein Glasson Holdings and their dedication to keeping us stylish through brands like Glassons!

Who Invented Glassons?

Let’s give a big shoutout to the visionary behind Glassons—none other than the brilliant entrepreneur, Grant Prior! Back in 1906, Grant had a bright idea to create a fashion haven for women, and that’s how the first Glassons store came to life in Dunedin, New Zealand. Since then, Glassons has become a go-to destination for trendy clothing, loved by fashionistas like you. So, next time you step into a Glassons store or rock one of their fabulous outfits, remember the creative genius of Grant Prior, who sparked it all. Here’s to fashion dreams turned into reality!

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