Horizon Outlet

Horizon Outlet

Horizon Outlet is an online shop that requires anyone to be a member before they access the site. Members are given a 16 digit Horizon Gold card number as one of their log-in details. They offer an array of products for men, women, home, toys, seasonal items, and many more.

Horizon Outlet has many financial offers for its customers including prepaid/secured cards, credit finders, and auto finance. It also does finance for all of their customers’ purchases at a zero percent (0%) interest rate. The customers are only required to pay $25 per month or 10% of their balance to pay back any purchases. Payments are always due on the third of every month.

Can I Use My Horizon Outlet Card Anywhere?

No, you cannot use your Horizon outlet card anywhere. It can only be used at specific Horizon stores.

Can I Use My Horizon Outlet Card on Amazon?

No, the Horizon outlet card is not accepted on Amazon. It is exclusively valid for purchases at Horizon stores.

What Is a Horizon Outlet Card?

A Horizon outlet card is a prepaid card issued by Horizon stores that allows customers to make purchases within their retail locations.

What Is Horizon Stores?

Horizon stores are a chain of retail outlets where customers can shop for various products. They accept the Horizon outlet card as a payment method.

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