Idle Sleep

An Amazing Night's Sleep, Without an Expensive Price Tag

Idle Sleep

With the founder’s 20 years experience in the industry, he has invented¬†Idle Sleep by not only adding a second side to mattresses but also using high-quality materials. These 14-inch thick mattresses such as gel foam, gel plush, hybrid, and all-natural latex as well as accessories for your best night’s rest.

6 Reasons To Buy An Idle Sleep Mattress

  1. Two Sided Mattress For the Price of One (flip the mattress to double the life)
  2. Free Shipping (delivered right to your door)
  3. Unbeatable 18-Month Trial (the world’s longest 100% risk free sleep trial)
  4. Flexible Financing Available (payments start at $7 per month)
  5. Warranty Without End (warranty lasts a lifetime and even cover body impressions)
  6. Easy & Free Returns (If things don’t work out, returns are easy and free)

Idle Sleep works with multiple lenders such as Synchrony Financial, Genesis Credit, and Katapult – just click “SatisFi” at checkout for all personalized financing offers. Plus all Synchrony HOME credit cards are accepted here. Upon checkout on purchases with a single receipt made on the website, simply apply for financing to receive a credit offer from one of the flexible financing partners. For new accounts, 29.99% is the purchase APR with a minimum interest charge of $2. Meanwhile, lease-to-own financing for purchases up to $3,500 is offered by Katapult.


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