Backyard Memories That Last a Lifetime

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In 2008, JumpSport expanded into fitness products with the revolutionary bounce and iconic look of the Fitness Trampolineā„¢. This product quickly increased in popularity being available on Costco.com, Amazon.com and through many other retailers. Hot on the heels of this release was the Folding Fitness Trampoline with technology for safe and easy folding, allowing consumers to easily transport and store the product.

The main difference with our springs quality is the bounce. They are softer springs so they stretch farther when you bounce, which results in a smoother rebound that is spread out over a greater distance. Softer springs experience more stress when they are stretched, so a higher quality steel material must be used to withstand this stress. Other trampoline companies use softer springs with lower quality steel which can permanently deform when used. Our high performance springs not only last longer but they feel better.

JumpSport has partnered with Bread to offer their customers a quick and easy way to apply for buy now pay later plans.

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