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How Bread Payments Work

  1. Shop Online or In-Store – Add items to your cart. Choose Bread and get a real-time decision without it affecting your credit score.
  2. Select Your Plan – Check out with Installments or SplitPay with rates starting at 0% APR.
  3. Complete Your Purchase – Get your item now and pay over time in monthly installments or four easy payments.

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About Bread Financing

In the old days, everyone goes to the mall if one wants to buy something for whatever reason, and this is the reason why shopping malls have been so popular up until now. But, with the rise and convenience of e-commerce industry, lots of people are switching to online shopping when purchasing things.

Moreover, online shopping offers numerous advantages compared to malls. You can find better deals, discount coupons and interesting products as well as gives you the ability to compare prices easily and instantly. Also, there will be no crowds and salesperson following you around for sales pressure.  However, not all of us are capable to shop online since probably most of us don’t have funds and credit cards to finance our shopping needs, and that is where Bread financing comes in useful.

What is Bread Financing?

Bread is a financing solution that helps online shoppers purchase items with lower interest and monthly payments from selected retailers. Founded in New York in the year 2014 by Josh Abramowitz and Daniel Simon, the company offers pay-over-time solution for retailers with customers who are looking for a convenient financing option for their purchases. In other words, they finance a purchase that customers make without leaving the retailer’s website.

Furthermore, Bread has integrated a program (in some of their e-commerce store partners) that automatically shows financing options, even before proceeding to checkout.

Bread is the buy now, pay later platform powering the future of ecommerce.

Buy Now and Pay Over Time with Flexible Payment Methods

Bread offers you an easy and convenient way to buy the things you want now and pay over time.

  • Straightforward Pricing – Simple transparent terms. No prepayment penalties. No deferred interest.
  • Quick & Simple – Applying is easy. All we need is a few pieces of information and you get a decision in seconds.
  • Automatic Payments – Sign up for automatic payments and have the flexibility to change your due date if needed.
  • Not a Credit Card – Always know how much you’ll pay. Easy equal installments. No surprises.

How Bread Financing Works and How to Apply?

To use Bread, make sure that you are shopping with their e-com partners. Also, you need to create an account on their member portal site so they can verify if you are a legit shopper. Furthermore, not all aspirant borrowers can get approval, so to know if you are eligible for a loan, apply for their pre-qualification assessment.

Bread repayment terms vary from six to twelve months, and in some cases, one can pay up to twenty-four months depending on their credit score and history.

As you browse the merchandise in the store site, you can automatically see the payment options via Bread near the Add To Cart button. Once you are done selecting your desired merchandise, we highly recommend reviewing them all in your cart before proceeding to the checkout page. It is to make sure that you are buying the right merchandise and avoid paying for the wrong ones. After all, you are only borrowing money for your online purchase.

When you are ready to complete your purchase, proceed to the checkout page, then select payment via Bread. You still need to fill up their online application form and wait for the loan approval. Once approved, choose your desired payment plans that suit your monthly budget, and you are good to go.

How to Payback Bread?

Bread allows their borrowers to pay them back in three options such as;

Automated Clearing House (ACH)

If you want to pay through online bank transactions, then you are allowed to make payment via ACH. To do this, login to your Bread account and go to the member portal to set up your ACH payment. The good thing about this type of payment is that you won’t have trouble making late monthly payments since Bread will automatically charge you directly to your bank account.

Debit Card

Similar to ACH, you can also use your debit card to pay your monthly dues to Bread. Again, to use this feature, log in to BREAD’s member portal and select debit card as your payment preference. Bread will then automatically charge your debit card based on your monthly dues.

Check Payments

Yes, you read it right. Bread is also accepting check payments, especially for bulk purchases. To use this feature, select check payments and send your check to the below address:

c/o Bread
Servicing Department
P.O. Box 1264
New York, NY 10276

Always remember that your first payment due is 30 days after the day you made your purchase. The next billing day is the same day where you made your first payment. For example, if your first payment due is on the 8th day of the month, then the date for your succeeding monthly dues is also on the 8th day.

Benefits of using Bread Financing

Straightforward Application

Bread has provided a user-friendly online application and pre-qualification program. Also, make sure to provide accurate and honest information for easier approval. However, you still need to have a good credit score and history to secure a loan. The good news is, pre-qualification won’t affect your current credit score.

Safe and Secure

Bread values their customers’ personal information, especially when it comes to their payment details. One can assure that their personal data won’t be shared on any third entities.

The convenience and affordability of this payment provider is hard to beat as compared to credit cards and short-term personal loans that usually come with high-interest rates. Retailers take advantage of this opportunity to gain customers’ loyalty and make more sales.

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