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Since 1969, the RTA Store has been in the furniture business, selling quality products to the public of New York. In 2008, we added kitchens to our showrooms and customers loved getting premium quality RTA cabinetry at our factory direct prices. Now through our online store, we’ve helped over 50,000 families around the country get a great kitchen at a great price.

It will be the place where you eat together. The place where dinner parties, leftover nights, and cooking lessons will happen. A place for homework, dance parties, laughter and tough conversations. A place that will see masterpieces made and masterpieces spilt. Your kitchen is the place that will witness all the moments that make a family, family. And your cabinets will be home to all its treasures. Your family knows how important it is to make your kitchen a place you love. Our family does too. Because we know what goes into it.

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