Lizzy James

Stylish and Original

You are stylish and original. Complex and interesting. You’re a collection of experiences that shape your life. Lizzy James honors you with handcrafted artisan pieces that reflect the many layers of you. Each Lizzy James piece is an expression of an emotion, a flicker of a moment, a note in your song. Our passion is to create ways for you to express your artful, authentic self. That’s why we create versatile pieces that look effortless and fit every size beautifully.

In 2011, a California artist showed the world what she’s made of. During breast cancer treatment, Lizzy channeled her energy and talent into creating unique artisan jewelry, including the original Lizzy wrap bracelet, which can be worn both as a bracelet and necklace. Lizzy’s journey inspired her to design a collection of stylish, versatile pieces that celebrate the strength and resiliency in all of us.

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