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Lucky Brand Jeans is an American owned denim company that is currently based in California. The company was founded by Gene Montesano and Barry Perlman in 1990 that also offers other types of apparel such as activewear, outerwear, T-shirts, and professional attire. They have more than 250 stores across the U.S. and Puerto Rico, Canada, and Europe. All of their jeans have two four-leaf clovers with the phrase “Lucky You” stitched onto the outside of the fly shield and became their trademark.

With Afterpay, shoppers can buy Lucky Brand products now and pay later in 4 interest-free payments. You need to have a debit or credit card to use this financing option. It charges no interest or extra fees for standard installment plans.

Lucky Brand also offers their own Lucky Brand Rewards Credit Card that offers additional benefits besides financing which include: 15% off your first purchase after approval and 5% off every subsequent purchase (or you can donate your 5% to a charity helping kids in need).

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