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Formerly known as ‘Four Mine’, the company was established in 2015 and founded by Anubh Shah and his wife. Before the time he proposes to his wife, he has trouble finding the perfect engagement ring, and that’s where he realizes that one should never face the same struggle. Thanks to the technological advancement of this time and age, the couple was able to produce 3D printed engagement rings that can easily suit one’s needs.

Furthermore, they allow their customers to try replicas of their favorite engagement ring styles at the comfort of their home to make a confident decision, and then they can easily return to the company’s warehouse for customization. Jewelry financing is now possible with Clarity Credit Card at withclarity.com. This is suitable for consumers who are looking for a flexible financing option that caters to their current financial situation. Non-promotional Clarity Credit card financing is subject to credit approval. For promotional financing, purchases of $199 or more will be charged zero interest if paid in full within 12 months.

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