Mosaic Weighted Blankets

#1 Rated Weighted Blanket Consciously Made in the USA

Mosaic Weighted Blankets was created in 2010 by Laura LeMond, the owner and co-founder of the company. Laura was born with a sensory processing disorder or SPD. She discovered that when she put pressure on her legs, like piling up textbooks, she could go to sleep undisturbed by her condition. The next thing she does is put poly pellets inside the blanket evenly. Thanks to that innovation, Mosaic Weighted Blankets was born.

Since then, the Weighted Blankets have helped lots of people with the same case and even people with panic disorder or anxiety to have a longer and better sleep. their weighted blankets helps to lower cortisol and raise serotonin that makes your body feel good and calm.

Mosaic Weighted Blankets offers Afterpay financing, a payment service which allows flexible payment plans. This enables consumers to buy products from the store and pay over 4 fortnightly payments with no hidden fees or interest.

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